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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) helps to control and manage the storage and movement of the materials within warehouse. It is a radiant computerized action dealt with the receipt of stocks & returns into the warehouse facility.

Our solution will helps you to direct and optimize the inventory and stock as well as facilitates a link to the ordering process and logistics by enabling ordering, picking, packing and shipping the product of the warehouse. This lead accuracy in stock control which enable companies to use warehouse space more efficiently and improves productivity, reduces the cost which associated with inventory holding.













 Inventory Query

 Movement Query

 Hold and Release

 Stock Adjustment

 Stock Take


 Inventory Report

 Goods Receiving

 Stock Issue List


 Purchase Order

 Purchase Receiving

 Blind Receiving


 Delivery Order

 Pick List Creation

 Goods Issue


 Provide timely customer service

 Keep track of items so they are readily located perfectly well

 Minimize the type of physical effort and thus the costs of moving goods in and out of storage

 Provide communication links with customers

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