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Society Management

 Connect your Society to the world via internet and social media

 Reach your Society members at anytime, anywhere in the globe

 Send instant News / Alerts / Announcements to your Society members and keep them connected

 Create dynamic survey to get quick data / information / feedback

Society Registration

Join us to submit your Society details/prospective with registering prior Society Registration form below.

Submit Request

 Submit Request

 Filling credential proof details

 Accept terms and conditions

Create Admin ID

 Society view the proof details

 Create account after authentication

 Send Admin ID to Society

Update Society Profiles

 Update location and facility details

 Society leader and tutor details

 Photos, courses, news etc.

Membership Registration

Join us to be an active member in any of your Preferred Society with registering prior Membership form below.

Send Request

 Search for Society

 View Society details & amenities

 Send request

View Request and Approve

 Society Admin view the request

 Verify the profile

 Approve and appoint member

Receive Information


 Event details/Information

News and Announcement

Update instant news/alerts/announcements/broadcasting to customize your users via network.

News Types

 General announcements


 Other instant news / alerts

News Feed in Server

 Society Admin enter news in server

 Set effective and end time duration

 Set public or private messages


 Members receive messages via their mobile device

 Act accordingly after receiving the message

 Share the messages in social media


Make your survey valuable and worthier with proper data collection techniques.

Define Survey

 Find out the essential information strategies

 Define question and answers

 Submit and broadcast the survey

Perform Survey

 Members view the questions

 Fill the answers

 Submit the survey

Generate Report & Export Data

 Close the survey

 Generate report

 Export data if needed

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