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Smart Distribution

Smart Distribution, the absolute sales force software specifically designed to increase your sales engagement and automates it drastically. It comes up with the solution to drive your sales process to perform successfully in the field. Sales people get the chance to visualize their business task effectively as it is easy and intuitive.

It automates their business tasks such as tracking of customer interactions, sales processing, analyzing sales forecast, client information, instant alerts, stock details, timely delivery and more.

It always try to make your salesman stay connected by tracking their field sales process such as visiting the customer, payment collections, create order, invoice, receipts, purchase, payables, receivables and expenses.



Deploy all your financial data's while you're on the move at anywhere and at anytime.

Activity Management

Maintaining all kind of activity stuffs related to sales, marketing, customer service and more

Alerts & Notifications

Extremely flexible option to create automated e-mail support & other activities


Reporting capabilities allow you to assess the performance of the individuals


Enable you to have better cash flow that gears you to have faster procurement




 Driving leads enforced with opportunities

 Tracking the work and orders

 Competitor analysis with sales forecasting

 Advanced statistical techniques and analytical tools

 Automate your sales

 Easily customizable

 Strategic account management

 Competitive positioning

 Efficacy of sales campaigns and tools

 Determine traffic volumes and sales conversion ratios

 Analyze past performances, and shortcomings can be mended to improve revenue and profit

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