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Challenges faced in the industry!

 More than 60% of the top up business are from eload and you have to ensure it to be handled

 When you do top up manually, even small mistake will lead to wrong top up resulting in losing potential customers

 Every year Singtel, Starthub and M1 are providing lot of rebates including foreign trips and you know you are missing out that due to black-box

 Point of sales in this automated business should be handled in a different manner than traditional point of sales

 Saving customer information and bringing them back is essential with regular promotional activities

Phoneshop, an integrated POS system specially made for retailers who are doing mobile phone recharge business for their customers. This software was developed by their skilled team of experts who has extensive business experience & knowledge in this industry to exhibit perfect end to end retail transaction and customer satisfaction.


Manual Top-up

Customer will say his/her Mobile number to the retailer for doing top up.

Retailer enters the Customer’s Mobile number, PIN number & amount of recharge and process the top up manually through the phone.

Customer receives the message from Telecom operator.

Retailer gets confirmation message from Telecom operator.

Phone shop

Customer enters his/her Mobile Number in keyboard.

System displays the Customer’s name.

After confirmation, the system gets top up automatically.

Records with transaction ID will be stored in the system

Printed receipt with the transaction Id will be given to the customers.

Customer receives transaction message from Telecom.

A confirmation message from Telecom will be received by the modem and gets stored in the system.

Customer top up details get stored in the system.

Problem and Solutions


If the Customer or Retailer makes mistakes, unnecessary quarrel occurs that end up with unsatisfied customers finally.


System displays the customer’s name on the screen once he entered his mobile number. This ensures the customer to check his mobile number is correct or incorrect.

Acknowledgement will not be given

Printed receipt will be given for each transaction. Hence, customers can call the telecom operator if any problem occurs.

Retrieving old information is difficult

All information stored in the system can be retrieved within fraction of seconds.

Need extra manpower to do recharge manually

System performs the entire job to recharge without much issues

Marketing campaign is very difficult without customer information.

Customer information will get stored in the system. Hence, marketing campaign will be effective by knowing the potential customers and their requirements

Need to do top up in different system which will not be integrated with point of sales

Top up and Point of sales are integrated. So, double entry will be avoided

You will not get any bonus, foreign trips or other benefits provided by Telecom companies.

Here, Blackbox owners are getting all the benefits. Increased customer satisfaction and effective operations will increase your sales that end up in getting the chances of foreign trips.

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