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Smart Pharma Distribution Software

Smart Pharma Distribution Software is an outstanding distribution management system combines the features of inventory management and accounting. Its efficiency manages the entire Sales, Purchase, Reorder, Income, Expenses, Inventory, Pricing, Reports, etc. This software is particularly designed for Distributors, Stockists, C&F, and C&A agencies.


Integration of inventory management systems

Efficient invoicing, purchasing and returns

Maintain the sales cycle completely and comprehensively

Sharing of inventory management information with other applications

Create customer-specific pricing and rules

Increase convenience with online catalogs, online ordering and order tracking

Integrated VAT reports and financial accounting


 Add & search of customer, supplier and items by using name, abbreviation, code, address, mobile etc.

 Easy and accurate option for segregating expired items from your store and disbursement to respective suppliers

 Multi-level user security and user wise rights assignment

 Backup on weekly-daily basis


 Generate auto purchase from supplier

 Pop-up message for short expiry items

 Company wise, supplier wise, item wise discounts

 Different VAT items will be shown

 Purchase order, stock and sales emailing module

 Purchase invoice import by email


 Quick invoice generation

 Lock for sale of expired and banned items

 Sale invoice export to customer by email

Inventory Management

 Batch wise, company wise, category wise inventory control

 Quick searching of expiries and transfer to respective suppliers

Financial Accounting

 Integrated financial accounting up to balance sheet

 Debtors and creditors management

 Quick and easy balance sheet generation


 State wise VAT reports and forms

 Variety of sale, purchase, inventory and management reports


 Fast and user friendly

 Online / offline solutions

 Faster billing

 Set multiple rate customer wise

 Track expiry return & claim for the same

 Set validation alert for drug license date

 Supports multi-tax

 Feature for calculating salesman commission

 Real time age-wise outstanding

 Analyze past performances, and shortcomings can be mended to improve revenue and profit

 Track compete stock and sales

 Driving leads enforced with opportunities

 Competitor analysis with sales forecasting

 Advanced statistical techniques and analytical tools

 Automate your sales

 Strategic account management

 Competitive positioning

 Efficacy of sales campaigns and tools

 Determine traffic volumes and sales conversion ratios

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