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Smart Feedback APP

Black Stone Smart Feedback App An easy and efficient approach with Customers and make them to share their feedback on premise with you by using Black Stone Smart Feedback App for all types of Restaurants and other Industries too.

With amazing features in our Smart Feedback App, you can eradicate the old methodology of gathering feedback and stop wasting the efforts in managing paper feedback forms.


Feedback Evaluation
A centralized system where all the feedbacks are analysed and tracked properly

Data security
With Black Stone Smart Feedback App your guest data is highly secured

Multi language support
Supports multiple languages and let customers decide the language they like to give feedback in

Swift and easy
Black Stone Smart Feedback App is super quick and very easy to use. It captures and manages feedbacks like never before

Work offline too
Black Stone Smart Feedback App enables you to capture feedback even without Internet

Real-time alert
Real time alerts help you take care of the unhappy customer immediately. We can set alerts for each time a customer gives a bad review

Feedback reports
Generate customer wise contact details and feedback. It helps you to track the performance of restaurant, service, and item in the menu on the basis of customer feedback and star ratings

Customer Reviews
Captures customer review and feedback. Separate reviews for all the aspects of restaurant such as food, service, ambiance etc. Moreover, it increases the customer engagement


 User friendly. An eye catching innovative design makes the user's experience in handling the application very friendly

 Save valuable time

 Faster billing

 Easily customizable

 Help you to measure and improve customer satisfaction

 Reduce churn and get valuable insight from customers

 Improve your quality of products and services

 Ability to trend customer satisfaction from one period to the next

 Reliability and efficiency

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