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Get the power to manage your accounting operations easily in a fully automated mode without the need of accountant in an intuitive mobilized means.

Accounting Software for emerging business

Accounting System is a computer based method of tracking accounting activity to gather, record, classify, analyze, summarize, interpret and present timely and accurate financial data for management decisions. This system acts appropriately with the conjunction of information technological resources to serve all kind of businesses.

It leverages mainly by converting manual accounting system to the one that is fully automated by allowing the businesses to have a greater vision of their financial data.



Deploy all your financial data’s while you’re on the move at anywhere and at anytime.

Manage Invoice

Create sales & purchase order instantly to manage your business criterion and its needs


Enable you to have better cash flow that gears you to have faster procurement

Improved Tracking

Track all your transactions and reports in a reliable mode from one central location

Manage Inventory

Manage inventory to speed up your invoice on track and operating capital




 Spotlight economic status in a clarified mode

 Manages day-to-day financial details

 Out-and-out monitoring, forecasting and reporting

 Real-time financial control with automated system

 Easily adaptable and to maintain your accounting system

 Automatic updating of customer accounts in the sales ledger

 Recording of suppliers’ invoices

 Automatic adjustment of stock records

 Integration of a business database with the accounting program

 Fast and accurate invoices

 Greater Accuracy

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